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We Won! The proposed NDIS independent assessments have been scrapped.

Finally common sense and the voice of disability advocates across Australia have been heard. The proposed NDIS independent assessments proposal has been scrapped.

NDIS Minister Linda Reynolds met state and territory disability ministers on Friday to discuss the viability of the scheme and seek agreement on the controversial independent assessment process for NDIS participants. The program would of seen NDIS participants assessed by government contracted health professionals, then slotted into predetermined categories to determine funding. The scheme left many concerned that the NDIS was moving into a “Roboplanning” format with little room for personalised input and flexibility for individual circumstances and needs.

Advocacy groups have worked tirelessly to oppose the scheme and are now pleased with this outcome. These groups now welcome the chance to be involved in any changes to the NDIS. At Friday’ meeting with state and territory ministers, Linda Reynolds agreed to include disability voices to any future NDIS changes.

“After eight years of operations, now is the time to take the lessons of the lived experience and turn those lessons into a better NDIS” 

“Importantly, all Minister’s agreed to work in partnership with those with lived disability experience on the design of a person-centred model. A model that will deliver consistency and equity of both access and planning outcomes. A model consistent with the assessment requirements under the NDIS Act.

Bill Shorten, the opposition NDIS minister was never shy about voicing his opposition for the proposed scheme, he was relieved with this decision agreeing it was a huge win for people with disabilities.

For the moment the NDIS format remains unchanged, and we keep you updated on future proposed reforms.

You can view the latest statement from Minister Linda Reynolds statement here:


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