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MAFS star Anthony is a carer and is looking for love.

MAFS star, Anthony is a carer and is looking for love. And, even though I have only started watching this years series of Married at first sight, I am 100% invested in Anthony’s journey as a single father and carer of his autistic 9 year old daughter, Gabby.

First MAFS star of 2022.

One of the first grooms on this series of MAFS was Anthony.  He is tall, dark, handsome and a father. He also shared that he has a 9-year-old autistic daughter. It is not the fact that he has a daughter or that she is autistic that caught my attention. It is the way in which he describes her that had me punching the air with joy.

“My daughter is on the spectrum, she sees the world in her own beautiful way, but rather than saying that’s because she’s autistic, that’s because she’s Gabby, and that’s how she is”

It is clear that Anthony understands and respect’s autistic identity and having that shown on national television is an amazing thing.

Anthony went on to express how he feels about Gabby

 ”I feel like crying now talking about my daughter. She’s amazing”

Has MAFS groom Anthony found love?

While I have only just started this years series, it has become apparent that his new wife, Selin has been branded as this season’s villain. I can not help but to feel for Anthony as a single father and carer. It is also no mystery that many neurodivergent individuals experience bullying behaviour. Selin has been shown calling Anthony names and I am pleased that the experts and the public have called out such behaviour as unacceptable.


While Anthony and Selin may not be this years Martha and Michael, there has been no shortage of women expressing their availability to date Anthony. It is hard enough to find love, but to find love and acceptance of your neurodivergent family is a whole new ball game.

One twitter using asking the MAFS execs to pass on her pic.

“can you show Anthony my pic with Cena and set me up on a blind wedding date next series? Ok awesome thanks. I even have a beautiful autistic little brother for him to meet ?”

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Happy valentines to our all our single carers, let’s hope Cupid has found you this valentines day.

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