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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

Dear school, I am autistic. This is what I want you to know about me.

Dear school, I am autistic. This is what I want you to know about me, please listen carefully. Put down that comparison ruler. This is important.

I am autistic. These are my words.

My name is Jordon and I am in grade 4. I have Autism and ADHD. Hyperacuity (my hearing is really really good) and Anxiety (I worry a lot). I know a few other people at school that have conditions like me.

Bad weather, wind and storms worry me a whole lot. When there is bad weather at school, to feel safe I go to the office and sit in the foyer and read. There is nowhere else for me to go. The office staff are nice. It would be awesome to have a space where we can go and do things to help us feel calmer when we have big feelings and worries.

I wear ear-muffs at school because there are lots of kids and the school is not so big. At snack and lunch, it can be noisy for me. The ear muffs drown out the noise a little, but I still feel overwhelmed and sometimes have meltdowns because my feelings need to come out. I don’t like to when this happens.

I think that that kids like me need a space where we can go to relax and calm down when we are feeling stressed, having big feelings or having trouble making decisions. If I have these feelings in the class room my teacher asks me to go the classroom library to read a book and relax. I like to read so this is okay. Not everyone likes to read. Some kids need to move and do things like that to relax and calm down. When I am back to feeling calm and relaxed, I can learn better and be a better friend and feel happier.

I am sure all the kids at my school, including my friends, would like to have space like this when there can go and reset themselves because COVID has made a huge unfortunate impact on us all.

From Jordon. (names have been changed for privacy reasons)


I am Autistic.
My needs are valid, please listen.



Why are we not listening?

I am a parent and I am exhausted. Imagine how our kids feel? Having to continually justify basic needs. A safe place should just be a basic and fundamental right. Why do we have to beg for such basic considerations? Exhausted seems insignificant to how I actually feel. I try to provide a calm and safe environment in which my autistic child can thrive. “I am a great parent” my daily mantra. Because, I need prepare myself for the days battle. I would never hesitate to move heaven and high earth to make the world better place for all. Ensuring that all children felt included, so that they are celebrated as different not damaged.

Why do school, and others not recognise that forcing our kids into a box that was never designed for them will always end up in failure?



Imagine if.

So, what if we asked our kids, what if we let them speak? OMG, imagine if others actually listened.

Jordon did that. And now I urge everyone to listen.

Among a sea of “Can Dos” the “Can Nots” have something to say and it is important. We can do it, just listen to us please. I am only a “Can Not” because of you.

From Jordon and Jordon’s mum.


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