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Bluey’s house is on Airbnb and adults are loosing their mind.

Bluey’s house is up for rent and its not only the kids who are excited. As a result adults everywhere have been excitedly sharing the images that have been uploaded to Airbnb. Brisbane is just about to become our new favourite family holiday destination. However, you will need to be quick to secure a weekend booking for 2 adults and 2 children.

Bluey's house is on Airbnb and adults are loosing their mind.
Bluey’s kitchen is fun.
Bluey's house is on Airbnb and adults are loosing their mind.
Amazing kids friendly and accessible bedrooms.

The reality of holidaying with children with additional needs.

It can be daunting and a difficult task to find a holiday destination that may suit the whole family. There are your children’s ages to consider, interests along with accessibility needs. But we think this newly listed holiday home ticks all the boxes. “Escape to the backyard and you’ll find a verdant oasis for family games – like Horsey Ride and Keepy Uppy – with a BBQ, kids’-sized trampoline, Grannies’ car, custom toadstool seats and bespoke dog garden gnomes (Gerald’s there – but alas, no Hecuba)”

We love the idea that the whole family can be catered for. The kids will love the visual sensory spaces, and the amount of activities the home provides. While the adults can sit back and relax in the gorgeous outdoor space while sipping their favourite Beveridge.

The Brisbane home will be available for booking on February 15th at 8 am , so set those alarm clocks. Here is more of the Airbnb description and we cannot get enough;

“Brace yourself for a weekend of family games and make-believe, in a home featuring Bluey and Bingo’s colourful bedroom, toy-packed playroom and lush backyard – complete with trampoline!”

Bluey’s House

Bluey’s House

Bluey's house is on Airbnb and adults are loosing their mind.
Trampoline and games. Enjoy family time.

Bluey is for the whole family.

Tackling real life issues, Bluey is the realistic animated series that the whole word has fell in love with. Because if this it has become a worldwide favourite. According to executive producer Charlie Pearson Bluey is a family favourite.

“There are really two things going on,” Pearson says. “One is making the kids laugh. We also want each episode to be about something and about real life and what parenting is like. We have found that only 11% of the episodes are watched solo. It’s a family experience and a family show.”

Remember, if you are looking for an easy, inclusive weekend away that the whole family can enjoy, then pencil in Feb 15th 8am. Find out more here.

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