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Autistic spotlight – Meet Mikayla from Echidnart.

Meet Makayla, she is 16, autistic and already has a thriving online craft business.

Mikayla is 16, autistic and an online business owner.
Meet Mikayla, the 16 year old entrepreneur.

In 2016 Mikayla was 13 and had just started her online craft business “Echidnart” . This extraordinary young woman started her journey by selling a range of handmade cards and invitations. She has now branched out into making face masks.

With the news of mandatory masks in Victoria, Mikayla decided to expand her range by including a range of hand made face masks. She makes a variety of patterns to suit everyone. What she didn’t expect was the overwhelming response to these fantastic masks. Customers just can’t get enough. Mikayla recently sold her 400th mask and was overjoyed by the fantastic response. Many of her customers buy multiple masks, so they can wear a new design each day. She also offers different sizes for adults and kids. Her fun designs range from skulls to Disney princesses.

Mikayla does all the sewing herself with a little bit of help from her mum who does the occasional fabric cutting. With each mask taking anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to make, she really has been kept busy during the mandatory lock down through-out Victoria.

When Mikayla started Echidnart she loved all things Echidnas. A lot of her cards featured these adorable Aussie critters, but she also uses other animals in her card designs like cats, turtles and the odd lady bug.

Mikayla is saving up for a car once Vic roads re opens soon. We think that is a great goal and we wish her the best of luck. If you would like to have a look at Mikayla’s work and support this young entrepreneur head to www.facebook.com/echidnart

Mikayla reaches her 400th face mask sale.
Mikayla reached her 400th face mask sale.
Echidnart, creative cards, tags & more
Echidnart, creative cards, tags & more.

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