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Autistic actor Chloe Hayden lands role in “Heartbreak High” remake.

Australian autistic actor, Chloe Hayden lands lead role in the new Netflix remake of the Iconic 90’s series, Heartbreak High. I can confidentially say every Australian is EXCITED!

Netflix announced the news on Monday. The show also revealed the cast. A cast of Australian actors makes up the main group in the reboot of the iconic series. Production is now underway in Sydney for the Netflix reboot and due for global release in 2022.


The Cast of Heartbreak High

#HeartbreakHigh will make its global debut on Netflix in 2022. With an ensemble of homegrown talent, including Josh Heuston, Thomas Weatherall, Will McDonald, Gemma Chua-Tran, Rachel House, Chika Ikogwe, Sherry-Lee Watson, Bryn Chapman-Parish and Brodie Townsend and our very own Chloe Hayden




“With the help of new friends Quinni (Chloe Hayden) and Darren (James Majoos), Amerie must repair her reputation, whilst navigating love, sex, and heartbreak along the way.”

“The eight-episode series will reimagine the well-loved classic for a new generation, following Amerie (Ayesha Madon) after she becomes a pariah at Hartley High and has a public rift with her ride-or-die Harper (Asher Yasbincek),” the plot reads.

Finally an actually autistic actor in an autistic role.

Thrilled to announce her involvement in the show, Chloe was also happy that she is portraying an actually autistic character.

She announced the exciting news on Monday.

“I’m so excited to announce that I am apart of the Netflix original Heartbreak High Cast, playing Quinni- a bubbly, logistical, outrageous, raw, AUTISTIC character. One of the first times in history we’ve seen an autistic person played by an autistic person, and the first autistic Australian actor to co-lead a series point blank period”

Australian Actor Chloe Hayden


The actress has been a huge advocate for actually autistic actors being cast in autistic roles. Because of her advocacy, Chloe is well known on TikTok and Youtube for her videos representing autism acceptance and self love. On her Facebook page on Monday Chloe talks of being selectively mute while growing up and painfully fearful of the world.

Pursuing her goals and passion for acting she now paves the way for other #actuallyautistic Australian actors.

I can not wait for this reboot. Will you be watching?

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