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Families Await Budget Changes for ADHD and Autism

As the Australian federal budget approaches, families of children with ADHD and Autism are eagerly anticipating possible funding changes. This includes changes to the NDIS and changes for Autism and ADHD diagnosis.

In a recent segment on ABC Radio National’s Breakfast program, Anna Oxley-Rintoul, mother of three neurodivergent children expressed concerns about potential changes to funding in the upcoming budget. Her main concern being the possibility of losing her NDIS funding.

Impact of Losing NDIS Funding

Ms. Oxley-Rintoul emphasised the impact that losing NDIS funding would have on her family’s life. Further stating that she may not be able to continue working. She also expressed concern about the severe needs of her daughter. Noting that if her daughters needs are not addressed now, it could be frightening to imagine where she might end up in the future.

“We are not experts, there are severe needs (For my daughter). And if they are not addressed now, I can’t say what would possibly happen in the future for my daughter, where she might end up. It’s quite frightening”.

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Expert Calls for Smarter System

Joining the conversation was Professor Andrew Whitehouse, NH & MRC Senior Research Fellow at the Telethon Kids Institute at the University of Western Australia, who expressed optimism about the upcoming budget.

Professor Whitehouse acknowledged the NDIS’s positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of Australians. He also stressed the importance of sustainability and ensuring that individuals with disabilities are at the centre of the discussion. He cautioned the government against throwing money at fragmented systems, which ultimately harms families seeking help.

Instead, he suggested developing a smarter system that supports prompt and effective local community-based supports for families and children.

“The NDIS has dramatically changed the lives for the better for hundreds of thousands of Australians, but they also do see the need for sustainability, and that’s really key, and people with disability have to be in the middle of that kind of discussion.”

Awaiting Funding Changes

The federal budget will be announced at 7:30 pm AEST / 7 pm ACST / 5:30 pm AWST. Many are eagerly awaiting news about funding changes for ADHD and Autism, as well as changes to the NDIS.

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