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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

Umbrella School of Music

Umbrella School of Music
I love NDIS

Inclusive music, singing & movement programs for all ages & disabilities. With music as the medium, we improve people’s lives by developing life skills & confidence & most of all, bringing them joy whilst listening to, making or moving to music. NDIS


Ingrid has a DREAM… that this world one day will be a much more inclusive, compassionate place where all people are kind to, respectful of and celebrate each other regardless of their differences, abilities and disabilities!

To work towards achieving this dream, Ingrid created this school to engage people of all ages, abilities and disabilities in her lessons, activities, workshops and events. The aim is to foster and develop connections between people through the universal language of music!

A main focus is on improving people’s lives and helping them achieve their goals whilst HAVING FUN using SINGING, MUSIC and MOVEMENT as the medium!!


We offer 8 main types of programs which can be combined and make use of a variety of techniques & resources (including books, props, costumes, white/black boards, electronic devices and visual communication tools) to achieve results based on the student’s needs, interests and goals.

Lessons are held in 2 rooms of a welcoming, clean family home which has been set up with multiple instruments, a large TV (for viewing lyrics and You Tube clips), microphones and plenty of room to move around in.


♫ One-on-One & Small Group Lessons
Held in our welcoming, bright and clean home Studio in Forestville

♫ Holiday Programs, Workshops and Events
Offered at convenient Northern Beaches/North Shore locations or we can come to you

♫ Pick Up and/or Drop Off
We can drive you from an agreed location to the Studio for the lesson and back

♫ Provision of a Healthy Snack
Enjoy fresh fruit, crackers, cheese, dips and home-made banana bread or scones

♫ Performance Opportunities
These may be offered at the Studio or other venues and community events too

♫ Hire of Instruments
Including keyboards and stands for use and enjoyment at your home


Here are some of the benefits of what we do which we call the 6Cs:

♫ Reduced stress/anxiety and a greater sense of calm (CALMNESS)
♫ Joy from releasing creative expression (CREATIVITY)
♫ Increased confidence in many areas of life (CONFIDENCE)
♫ Better communication skills – receptive, verbal and non-verbal (COMMUNICATION)
♫ Cognitive benefits across many academic areas (COGNITION)
♫ Improved ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand (CONCENTRATION)

The 6Cs Help You Make Connections with:

♫ People, the community and the world
♫ Physical and natural environments
♫ Your body, mind, senses, emotions, thoughts, behaviours and creative self

Through her music, singing and movement programs, all students can experience the joy and many benefits that partaking in these areas brings.

With music as the medium, many of a student’s goals related to life and other skills (including cognitive, communication, mood regulation and interpersonal skills) as well as building confidence, can be addressed and developed in a fun and innovative way.


Forestville, Northern Sydney Sydney, NSW, Australia 2087

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