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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

Tween Animation

Tween Animation teaches animation classes to tweens and teenagers after school in Perth, WA, especially those with autism/ADHD.

We are the only place in Perth dedicated to teaching 2D hand-drawn animation (e.g. classic Disney or Studio Ghibli), which is a popular interest among neurodivergent people. Our after-school courses appeal to tweens/teens who like watching and drawing cartoons, as well as those who are technologically-inclined since students will be learning hands-on from their laptops/tablets.

We make extra efforts to ensure that all of our neurodivergent students feel comfortable and empowered. Our classes only allow a small size of 10 students, are equipped with wobble stools and fidget toys, and are taught by an enthusiastic expert animator with industry experience who is autistic himself, plus an assistant tutor on stand-by to help. 

Overall, we provide a fun, niche and productive activity for creative/techie anxious teens to do after school, especially as a unique substitute to the many sport/art/coding classes that already exist.

Perth, WA

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