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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

The I Am, Movement

The I Am, Movement

The I Am, Movement is a platform for Families & Communities to support our youth in their journey at whatever stage of communication. Each resource has been hand painted and carefully designed by Indigenous people throughout Australia.

Join the movement to raise awareness, educate and empower parents and carers throughout the Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis journey.

he I Am, Movement is now ready to visit your community, organisation, educational institution or home.

Who Is This For?

This workshop is for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people seeking advice, guidance and empowerment throughout their Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnoses journey.

Disclaimer: These workshops specialise in Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnoses ONLY. The information provided is from an Indigenous Health Promotion viewpoint and my lived experience as a Mother of a son with Autism. No medical or therapy advice will be given during these sessions.


Cardiff, NSW

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