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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

The Autistic Realm Australia Inc.

The Autistic Realm Australia is an Autistic-led peer advocacy and support organisation. We are a 100% founded and led Autistic NFP creating change through lived experience advocacy.

We have several online communities including TARA – a group that assists parents and carers by being a bridge between Autistic understandings and the parents, carers, educators and professionals that seek to understand and support Autistics. On a very deep and personal level, we know how challenging it is to parent a child who is different, who does not meet milestones, who is bullied, who desperately wants friends, who has been suspended or expelled – or not expelled, but “encouraged” out of a school.

We also know how it feels to be that child, how hard it is to be Autistic in a non-Autistic society. We provide a lived experience perspective on managing behaviours – and managing expectations, on learned understandings of how to access NDIS or educational supports, information about new research and advice for parents attempting to advocate for their children. We also have online communities for Autistic Adults and Autistic parents.


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