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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

The Autism Coach

Enabling Individuals and Families to Thrive

Autism (ASD) is diverse and complex.  Navigating the information, treatments and supports can be extremely daunting and challenging for both individuals, their carers and families.

From the moment you learn your child has Autism you are plunged into a whole new world of treatment options, education options and various support programs.



  • Create a clear path forward
  • Through navigating the diagnosis including formulating questions for your assessment and treating teams
  • Understand the role of each service 
  • We are core to establishing your support tribe and treating team
  • We work with you on resilience strategies for you, your family and others on your care team
  • So you have someone to support you and brainstorm ideas 


  • Advocacy including attendance at school meetings or student support group meetings
  • Insights into challenging behaviours and intelligent solution options
  • Direction, resources and advocacy in relation to transition planning, particularly from primary to secondary school 
  • Case Management


We work with you as an expert guide to workshop intelligent solutions with someone who has lived experience of caring for a young person with ASD.  This gives you confidence in your ability and the decisions you need to make about treatment, schools, supports and therapies.

Through our lived experience caring for someone with Autism and ADHD, we work with you to come up with a robust plan for navigating the NDIS, preparing for school or work. 

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