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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

Steps2life Care

Steps2life Care
I love NDIS

We are a team of allied health professionals that are passionate about helping you or a loved one every step of the way in achieving your potential. We aim to provide a holistic and consistently high standard quality of services in all areas of development, no matter the age. We don’t see any diagnosis or disability as a barrier, but rather as a steppingstone, the first step to many more steps toward a goal. Our services do not solely focus on the individual, but also on their loved ones. We understand life can be hard sometimes, and so we offer services to help every family member, whether it is counseling or parent training. We also aim to provide services that help those with disabilities, to provide opportunities that they would otherwise miss out on, such as day programs teaching life skills and independence, as well as Highly Trained Disability Driving Instructor.

Our services start with a discussion with the patient and their families on short-term and long-term goals, we then devise an individualized treatment plan including all necessary services to help reach those goals.

Our Allied Health services include

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy



Behaviour Therapy


Disability Driving Instructor

Life Skills Program

4 Rosewall Street Greystanes New South Wales 2145

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