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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

Sensory Street

Sensory Street Australia provides sensory and fidget tools and visual aid resources for children and adults. Sensory tools can help to decrease stress, increase focus and concentration, and regulate emotions. Therapeutic Visual Aids can help to calm, soothe, and comfort people with anxiety and help them to navigate everyday life without sensory overload. Selecting the right sensory and fidget tools to suit your needs, or your child’s needs, can be overwhelming.

At Sensory Street we strive to provide a wide range of sensory products for everyday use, delivered throughout Australia.

Ready Made Sensory Boxes

What are the benefits of buying a Ready-Made Gift Box?

Our convenient Sensory Street gift boxes take the headache out of choosing your own sensory tools.
You can choose boxes containing a variety of carefully selected sensory tools.
All boxes are durable, reusable and include your choice of infographic poster, designed to help children recognise and cope with their own emotions. Each poster has a flexible, child-safe mirror attached, so they can see themselves and identify their own emotions from their facial expressions.
For more information on our poster designs, click here.

Sensory Street is proud to be a registered National Insurance Disability Scheme (NDIS) provider. Our provider number is 4050082416.

We are approved to provide supports throughout Australia under the NDIS registration groups:
*Assistive Equip-Recreation.

You can contact your local co-ordinator or your Plan Manager if you are unsure whether you can use your NDIS funding to purchase items from Sensory Street.


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