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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum


I love NDIS

Horse therapy. Most people aren’t aware that horses are sensitive and extremely intuitive; with an incredible ability to mirror our emotions. After all, every retired racehorse has been through a journey of its own. By connecting with these magnificent animals in a calm manner, people can form a relationship with them that’s based on pure trust. And in turn, this natural connection helps people to regulate their own emotions.

It’s therapy through meaningful experience.

In a clinical environment, even the best health professionals can struggle to build a rapport with someone suffering from mental health issues. But it’s a very different story for a person when they’re in a paddock grooming a calm horse on a beautiful farm. Whether they’re leading a horse or doing groundwork, the therapy is based on mindfulness and ‘being in the moment’. It allows people to manage their anxiety, regulate their emotions, and improve their communication skills.

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