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Planet Jassi

Eliza Brearley is a 23-year-old actor, model, singer, swimmer and now, YouTuber, as host of Australia’s first autism therapy YouTube channel. Through her YouTube channel, Eliza wants to show that having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t learn, and we all have the potential to be the best version of ourselves. She wants parents, carers and teachers to not give up and keep challenging kids with autism to go outside their comfort zone. She thanks her parents for putting her in a mainstream education at a time where most kids with her level of disability went to segregated special education settings.

Born with a developmental disability, Eliza has spent most of her life having to learn everything which most of us do naturally. With the help of a team of supporters, Eliza is now living her dream of being an actor.  Eliza hasn’t let her challenges stop her, instead she has used her strengths to find ways around it and has finally found her voice.

Eliza has a passion for celebrities and doesn’t want a regular job, she wants to pursue an acting career and has been in training for the past 4 years learning her craft. Since leaving school Eliza has been part of Options Theatre Company and swims with Special Olympics, winning numerous medals. She has a modelling portfolio and in 2018, she completed the ‘Show Reel Course’ at Screenwise and has recently learnt to sing.

In February 2019, Planet Jassi went live on YouTube and Eliza is now currently working on a live show, which she plans to tour. Eliza has set her heights high and plans to go to the Oscars and Logies and come back with an award; proving that having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t do it. If it takes 2 years to 20 years you don’t stop trying.


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