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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

Pair It Up

Assistive sock pegs to keep socks in pairs from store to drawer. No more lost socks. Perfect for vision impaired, those with executive function or sensory challenges. Washing machine and tumble dryer safe.

Pair it Up Sock Pegs

Meet Jodie, she had a problem with socks going missing in the washing machine, or somewhere between the washing machine and the line. She solved this is issue with her easy to use, assistive sock pegs.

Used By Vision Australia.

Satin Pillow Covers

These soft satin pillow covers will quickly have you believing in love at first sleep.  In addition they’re anti-ageing (much softer on your skin than a regular pillow cover) and help in reducing frizz for those late rises so you can go straight out the door.  Currently we have 4 colours available being black, white, pink and silver. These pillow covers are removable like a fitted sheet so you can easily put them on at night, sleep on the cloud of our satin pillow cover then remove in the morning to keep the d├ęcor of your room with its original display. They can also easily be thrown into your suitcase for when you spend the night away. Extra elastic is included so you can custom fit to your pillow size. All pillow covers are uniquely handmade by Jodie and come with a matching scrunchie to keep hair intact while you sleep. In addition you will receive 2 of our very popular coloured pegs. These convenient pegs can be clipped on your socks the minute they leave your feet. You keep the peg on whilst washing, drying and can even store socks in drawers with pegs still attached. Available in 6 colours, these pegs can be quickly and easily sorted and give ability to allocate a specific colour to each family member.   All neatly boxed, these packs make the perfect gift for loved ones! 

Pair It Up Pair It Up


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