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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum



Annelill Desille is a registered clinical psychologist who is highly motivated and focused on achieving results. As a neurodivergent individual herself, she utilizes her personal experiences to inform her work, employing neuroaffirming practices to support others within the neurodivergent community. Annelill specialises in providing neuroaffirming therapy and training, particularly in areas concerning sex, intimacy, and relationships within diverse neurodivergent communities.

Consultancy: With a proven track record of successfully assisting clients across multiple industries (privatised, community and public), Annelil is committed to providing innovative, affirming solutions and delivering tangible outcomes that drive growth and enhance organizational performance. The Neurokinection team is equipped with a unique ability to address complex challenges and identify untapped opportunities for their clients and their businesses/companies/solo missions!

Retreats: At Neurokinnection we believe that love evolves over time, but that it does not mean it needs to dwindle from passionate fire to a pilot light. Instead, we step forward to prioritise our deep connections and reconnect with our partners that made us feel what it means to be loved, appreciated and desired. This is your time to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and step forward into an immersive four day container that focuses on all areas of intimacy. To reconnect emotionally and deeply, and appreciate one another more than ever before. To re-learn how to flirt, date and seduce one another, with the intention of increasing palpable desire. To re-ignite your connection and take it to the next level, stepping away from traditional long-term couple stereotypes of being unfulfilled, and instead becoming THE powerhouse couple that withstands and prevails. To reset your patterns and develop new skills that allow you to enhance and up-level your connection for the future. This couples retreat is about finding yourselves as a couple and as individuals and celebrating your profound partnership that you came to nourish and nurture with us. Go the distance with devotion in under a week.

Individual and Intimate partnership therapy: Individualised and intimate partnership/couples psychological therapy sessions, utilizing both personal experiences and evidence-based practice to provide holistic care to neurodivergent clients. Content is specific to relationships, intimacy, sex, connection and dating. 50 minutes of therapy provided, with an additional 10 minutes allocated to note writing.

Diagnostic Assessment + Report: Diagnostic assessments for Autism OR ADHD, as well as other neurotype identification. Exploration through multiple clinical inventories, questionnaires and interviews to provide a comprehensive and detailed accoount of the experiences you have shared. Reports are all neuroaffirmative, using strengths-based language.

186-188 Johnston Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066

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