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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

My Buddy Gard

My Buddy Gard Tracker for Kids, adults and pets. Providing Peace of Mind, Security and Freedom.

Need help with the juggle of keeping your child safe and giving you peace of mind?

The balancing act of parenting is a tough gig at the best of times! Keeping your child safe while allowing them to experience all that life provides is a minefield!


  • Does your child suffer from anxiety?
  • Diagnosed with autism?
  • Neurodivergent?
  • Have different abilities?
  • Or does your child like to wander off?

My Buddy Gard 4G GPS Watch for kids is designed for a child to wear on the wrist. Just like a normal watch and allows you to locate and communicate with them at any time instantly!

Designed to help you and your child feel safe, organised & have peace of mind!

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