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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum



We’re all about the puddles, the mess, the mud, the fun. We’re about the mini mudders who yearn to learn and seek out adventure with fearless abandon, no matter the weather. We’re about keeping them warm and dry with every hop and jump, every bit of muck and yuck, while keeping the outdoors exactly where it should be – out.

Winter Warmers and Base Layers

For our sensory nature lovers, we’ve taped every waterproof seam flat and smooth, wrangled lumps and bumps so they don’t irritate, softened Velcro edges, bound zippers with smooth skin friendly tape, and guess what…we’ve even lined our Muddies Gumboots with soft fleece.

It’s all about unleashing the inner adventurer and embracing the power of play, and let’s face it….EVERYONE should be comfortable and carefree when the outdoors beckons.


PO Box 192 Bright, Vic, 3741

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