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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum



Love2Learn provides quality tuition in an innovative way with a strong focus on bringing fun into learning to all students. We commit to building a strong rapport with our family members and students, through instilling a love and passion for learning, whilst ensuring our students boost their confidence and strive to achieve their own personal best.

Primary School Tuition
Struggling in specific areas? We can identify and work through those challenges.
High School Tuition
We offer support to keep your child on track and to re-engage their mind.
HSC Mentoring
Allow us to challenge your child to reach their full potential.
School Readiness Program
Assisting the little members of your family in getting ready for BIG School.
Social Skills Training
A type of therapy that works to help improve an individual’s social skills.
Sensory Room
A multi sensory room providing therapeutic sensory stimulation for students. Coming Soon!

Secret Agent Society®

Ages 8 – 12
Secret Agent Society is a breakthrough social skills approach for ASD children aged 8-12. Your child will learn new skills to help support them through life’s different social & emotional challenges. This course takes a fun, in-depth approach and it works! It was created by Clinical Psychologist Dr Renae Beaumont and it’s used world-wide.


Ages 13 – 17  |  Ages 18 – 30
The PEERS® program is an internationally acclaimed, evidence-based social skills group program for adolescents and young adults with social challenges. The program assists motivated teens and young adults with social challenges who are interested in learning ways to help them make and keep friends allowing the formation of more positive relationships.

118 Argyle Street, Camden NSW 2570

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