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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

Kristalee’s counselling for you (KC4U)

Kristalee’s counselling for you (KC4U)

Our mission statement:  To provide the highest quality evidence-based, ethical, inclusive and innovative therapy for children on the autism spectrum and support for their families. “To make a difference”.

Here at KC4U we have a strong culture of child protection and safety. We ensure our workers, activities and service deliveries are of the highest levels and of rigidly strict standards that support the health, safety and well being of all Australian children.

Emotiplay For Autism is developed by a team of experts, EmotiTeam is a research-based user-oriented tool to teach children about emotions in a systematic yet engaging way.


Welcome to our website. We are a professional service and support plan and self managed NDIS participants. My name is Kristalee, I am a registered qualified counsellor who is passionate about autism! I provide innovative fresh, solution focused support service for families struggling with ASD. I have a special interest in non-verbal level three children and their families. Advocacy for the families we work with is paramount, something i am very dedicated too and use every opportunity to raise awareness.  I have 45 years of real life experiences, on top of my qualifications.

Professional  Programs 2021. 

78 Hampton street , Harristown Queensland Australia 4350

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