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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

Keeley’s Cause

Keeley’s Cause provides iPads for children diagnosed with Autism and Intellectual disabilities. The cause was established by Keeley and her mother Sharon after seeing firsthand the benefits technology can bring to children with Autism and Intellectual disabilities.

Not wanting to see another child pushed through the education system without the necessary technology to succeed, Keeley’s Cause was born.

Can’t children get iPads through their school?

Absolutely. If your child is diagnosed with Autism or an Intellectual disability, you may have access to an iPad through their school. However, that’s where it stops. The iPads remain at school and are often shared around the classroom. That means learning stops when the child goes home.

That’s what happened with Keeley who would have benefited immensely to continue her learning and to have access to the same resources at home.

What about the NDIS?

While NDIS funding is available for applications and software specially designed to benefit children with Austism and Intellectual disabilities. Depending on your funding agreement you may or may be able to purchase an iPad. During your application with us we will request for your NDIS number.

For some families, the purchasing the latest iPad may not be within the family budget and that’s where Keeley’s Cause can help. Families who can meet the criteria can apply for an iPad through Keeley’s Cause.

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