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innately me

innately me
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Lisa Formosa is a Peer Practitioner and an affiliate member of the Australian Psychological Society. Lisa offers a specialty service for people who are Autistic, ADHD, demand sensitive, along with the career’s that support them. The service provides neurodiverse affirming mentoring and support to young people and adults aged 16 years and over. The service is person centred and may focus on areas such as skill development, self literacy, identity, confidence, self esteem, emotional regulation, executive functioning, trauma, grief, caregiver burnout, demand avoidance, relationships, anxiety, life transitions, advocacy and parenting.


A client has said “It’s so refreshing to work with Lisa. I’ve seen many therapists and supports over the years, and being a late-diagnosed Autistic woman means that many professional supports are out of touch. Lisa helps me to hold space for myself and my healing; allows me to be myself in session, and I’m feeling more and more empowered to be that real me in the rest of my life.”

Another client states that ‘The experience with Lisa has been empowering for me particularly in releasing self judgement and shame and more fully accepting myself.

While a client says ‘I’ve seen so many psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists but talking to Lisa was the first time I ever felt like someone was actually talking to me and understanding how my brain works and how to help me. It has been a huge relief.’

PO Box 5050 Garden City Victoria 3207

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