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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

Holroyd School

Holroyd School caters to the needs of students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities and complex learning needs, ranging in age from 4 to 18.

Features of our school include:

  • Small class sizes tailored according to age, stage and need
  • Learning programs designed to suit the needs and interest of the students
  • All classes are staffed with a teacher and a School learning support officer (SLSO)
  • School learning and support team
  • All Classrooms: Resourced with modern technology
    • A small kitchenette
    • Personal hygiene area
    • Have both heating and cooling systems
  • A number of playgrounds to suit both primary and high school aged individuals, with music, fully enclosed trampolines and play equipment
  • Play area to accommodate wheelchair bound students
  • Two bike tracks, one for primary and secondary students
  • Two Hydrotherapy Pools (Indoors and heated)
  • One outdoor pool
  • The school Hall has an outdoor covered learning area
  • Multi sensory room
  • Specialised Kitchen
  • Trails buses

Willara Avenue, Merrylands, NSW, 2160

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