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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

Empathy at Work

As caregivers, nurturing our own wellbeing and building our network of supports directly translates to stronger relationships and enhanced wellbeing for theĀ individuals we care for.

Samantha is a Keynote Speaker and empathic Coach for Carers who empowers caregivers to rediscover their dreams and transform their journey from frustration to fulfilment. Drawing on her personal experiences as a mother to an autistic daughter and as a disability support worker, Samantha is deeply passionate about supporting caregivers and parents on their path to reigniting their passion for life.

Samantha creates a safe and supportive community for carers to tell personal stories, receive empathy and dare to dream. She facilitates discovery of new ways to access the community resources and service providers carers need.

Outcomes for caregivers:

  • Strengthened social connections
  • Empowered access to resources
  • Enhanced communication abilities
  • Acknowledgment of their meaningful impact
  • Elevated wellbeing

Castlemaine, Victoria

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