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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum


Perfectly designed for a better night’s sleep, our pillows are 100% Australian Owned and Made with the highest quality materials. From the original co-sleeping pillow, to the adult and kid’s standard size pillows, you will enjoy the sleep comfort you deserve.

All pillows are designed for children 2 years and above.

Original cosleeping pillow

As parents we know our kids need to be supported and comforted, day or night.

From committed cosleepers to the occasional late-night visits from little people, duopillow supports parents and kids to comfortably sleep together.

Our award winning pillow, is bigger than most pillows with a gentle higher contour for adults and a flat low profile toddlers, providing neck and head support for both sleepers.  Cosleeping comfort happens with duopillow.

The original cosleeping pillow fits most king size pillowcases.  To help with a great night’s sleep quicker, the duopillow bundle is available and includes two 100% bamboo king size pillowcases.

Sleep Better. Together.

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