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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

AU To Know Mentoring.

We would like to introduce you to Au To Know, an online technology mentoring service for those who find accessing mainstream services challenging including autism, social anxiety and a wide range of other conditions including mobility and sensory impairments. 



We offer personalised, self-paced, project based technical mentoring. Develop your skills in computer technology whether it be video game development, animation, digital art/music, video editing, etc ….there is so much to choose from! Our program is delivered in one-on-one weekly sessions with your own mentor who is competent in your interest area and knows how to reduce anxiety and build confidence.

Our clients are in control of their learning and develop close, collaborative relationships with their mentors. Intake is through a short free no-obligation introductory meeting with our director so that each client can be matched to a suitable mentor.

Projects are overseen by the director to ensure the success of our program and the development of an online portfolio reflecting the clients progress and achievements.

Information sessions about our online service for people living with social anxiety or accessibility challenges who have a passion for technology – no age or ability limits! Homeschoolers welcome!

AU TO KNOW MENTORING offers personalised learning to people with a range of disabilities including autism and anxiety who have an interest in technology which may include – game development, digital art and music, programming/coding, web development, 3D modelling, robotics, machine learning, animation, virtual reality, IOT and more. We utilise self-paced learning and a process focused approach that delivers real outcomes. Our platform for delivery is online so we can reach across Australia.

Canberra, Australia


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