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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

2 Bent Rods

Samantha and Jeremy Beckmann took their young family to the beach for a day of fun and fishing. Taking along the usual yabby pumps, bait net and rods, it wasn’t long before they had a horde of kids following them around. Amazed that so many kids that lived so close to the beach, had never seen a yabby or held a fish, they decided to do something about it. So they set about facilitating programs that are fun, educational and accessible to all, no matter their ability.

2 Bent Rods began operating in December 2004. The first class was at Thompsons Beach at Victoria Point.

Initial lessons where aimed at teaching kids the basics of safe and responsible shore based fishing practices where the kids had fun while learning this valuable life skill.

2 Bent Rods

Victoria Point, Qld

Sunshine Coast

Gold Coast

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