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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

The Ultimate Christmas Sensory Gift Guide 2023

What a year! So many NDIS updates, a National Autism strategy consultation, an ADHD Senate enquiry and so much more! So, what better way to end the year than with the LOTS annual Christmas gift guide! 56 gift ideas for the whole family.

Living on the Spectrum

Nee-Doh – Squishmas Groovy

Get ready to add some squishy holiday spirit to your celebrations with the Squishmas Groovy Tree! This festive tree-shaped packaging comes filled with 15 mini globs in assorted colours, making it the perfect addition to your holiday fun.  $29.95

Available at sensoryoasisforkids.com.au/

Fabric Jumbo Washable Squishy

For lovers of BIG squishies that want something that lasts. Great two handed squishy. Squishing two handed brings the hands to mid-line and helps stabilises your core so can help ground and reduce anxiety…. $22.95

Available at kaikofidgets.com/

Sensory Activity Board

Sensory Board is a practical educational toy for kids that entertains kids and keeps them engaged in sensory activity boards no matter indoor and outdoor activities. It helps to foster the capacity for learning, $33.95

Available at Amazon.com.au

LEGO® Creator 3in1 Tiger

Majestic Tiger toy set fuels imaginative play, Enjoy 3 different rainforest adventures. The tiger, red panda and koi fish models are all posable. All 3 models are accompanied by another mini model. Ideal for ages 9 and up. $65.00

Available at Amazon.com

Body Sock – Medium

A Body Sock is the ultimate sensory tool that provides a unique experience for children of all abilities. Made with high quality, translucent yet resistive fabric, this product offers an unparalleled sensory experience $72.95

Available at sensoryoasisforkids.com.au


Rock the perfect combo of fashion and function with this unisex Sensory Friendly Short Set. Show off your style and eco-conscious values today! Get ready to take your comfort to another level. Available ins sizes 4 – 16 $59.99

Available at comfortonthepectrum.com

Galaxy – Plush Blanket

Our high-quality, super soft plush blankets are the perfect lounging accessory for all seasons! You will love the cosy comfort of these unique blankets, available in many designs to suit any home. $69.95

Available at JettProof.com.au

Teeter Popper Childs Seesaw

Rock it, roll it, wobble it, spin it, sit in it or stand on it. Teeter Poppers allow children to improve core strength, stability, leg strength, balance, coordination and motor planning. They encourage imagination and creativity. $69.95

Available at theotstore.com.au

Feelings Friend – Bunny

Feelings Friends provide your child with the confidence to explore, share and navigate their feelings. Each Feelings Friend comes with four interchangeable faces. Interchangeable faces feature embroidered details. $59.95

Available at sensorycentral.com

Easi-Grip Dino Pebble Crayons

Easi-Grip Dinosaur Pebbles were specially developed with a round grip which allows children to grasp the crayon easily. Set of 8 different colours. Introducing drawing to your toddler gives you something fun to do with them on a daily basis. $6.00

Available at sensorycentral.com.au

Fidget Trends Sensory Box

You get amazing value from this Fidget Trends Sensory Box that includes 5 of the latest on-trend fidget tools. They make an awesome gift for the fidget lover in your life. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas and school holiday entertainment. $37.95

Available at sensorystreet.com.au

Liquid Sensory Floor Tiles 

Bright cosmic liquid colours that move with every step, jump, dance, or hop ; environmentally protective and safe around kids. Includes 9 pieces of Liquid Motion Floor Tiles, size of each tile is 11.8″ x 11.8″ No installation required. $127.99

Available at Amazon.com.au

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Ems for Kids Earmuffs

Ems for Kids Earmuffs are the world’s first folding, compact hearing protection earmuff for children over 6 months of age. They can be folded up to fit in the palm of your hand, making them easy to carry with you, or store away. $34.95

Available at Sensoryoasisforkids.com.au


Sequinned Slap band

A sensory sensation that is great for tactile input and fidgeting. Sensory Sensation sequinned silicon wrist band.  Slap it on your arm and feel the sequins.  Many colour variations. Watch it change colour for hours of sensory joy. $3.99 ea

Available at specialneedsresources.com.au

Indoor Therapy Swing 

The sensory swing is soft and comfortable while maintaining proper elasticity. The weight limit is 150LBS, not suitable for adults. The Swaddling Sensory Swing gives people a sense of calmness and blocks out unwanted sensory stimulation. $49.99

Available at Amazon.com.au

Living on the Spectrum

Chewigem Miller Heart

If you’ve just gotta chew, then this is for you! Stylish and functional chewy necklaces from Chewigem are a great way to satisfy the need for a nibble, for kids and adults alike. Fashionable heart design, in a deep pearlescent red. $22.00

Available at Sensoryoasisforkids.com.au

Stress reduction cards

52 mindful cards to bust stress and find your calm–anytime, anywhere. Feeling stressed? You aren’t alone. Between school, friends, dating, family, and planning for the future, it’s easy for teens to feel stressed out. But where do you start? $25.80

Available at Amazon.com.au


The ULTIMATE KIT for teens & adults “The Works” Kit combined with our highly sort after weighted hand roller Ideal exploration fidget kit, with 8 different metal fidgets that are discreet, quiet and suitable for those that want age appropriate fidgets. $119.95

Available at Kaikofidgets.com

Self Esteem Game

A game for boosting self-confidence through a series of questions connecting the personal, emotional and social strength of each player, allowing them to recognize good virtues within themselves and others. $49.95

Available at sensoryoasisforkids.com.au

Pitch It Up Cricket Training Aid

Pitch It Up is an easy-to-use cricket training aid for new and emerging cricket stars of tomorrow. The Pitch It Up automatic bowling machine offers accessibility to accommodate all abilities. ight-weight and completely portable $269.00

Available at PitchItup.com.au

3 in 1 Hammock (Crash Pad)

KloudSacs are proudly recommended by the special needs community. Super comfortable and sensory friendly. A Kloudsac will help with emotional regulation and aid in times of anxiousness. Available in a range of colours. $489.00 – $519.00 inc Gst

Available at Kloudsac.com.au

Ocean World-Jellyfish Lamp

Mesmerising Rectangle Ocean World-Jellyfish Lamp! Dive into the depths of tranquility with our enchanting Jellyfish Lamp. A stunning fusion of art and technology, this mesmerizing lamp brings calm to any space. $229

Available at williamready.com.au

Yogibo Toy Story Lap Desk 

LAP DESK FOR LAPTOP – Limited-edition Toy Story Traybo from Yogibo. Lap desk for reading features a convenient surface for your laptop, tablet, or phone to keep them in place. this Buzz Lightyear lap pad for children is sturdy yet comfortable. $160.22

Available at Amazon.com.au

Smiling Poo Stress Ball

Having a crap day? Squeeze this happy little poop to help relieve your stress. Super cute and super smiley to brighten your day!
Not only are stress balls good for stress relief, but they are also great for: Developing fine motor strength. $12.95

Available at sensoryoasisforkids.com.au


Universe Sensory Pillowcase

Our pillowcases match our calming sensory bed sheets and are the perfect addition for any child or adult living with Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder or PTSD. If sensory input is required, you can also wear the JettProof singlet while using our sensory bed sheet. $29.95

Available at jettproof.com.au

The ORIGINAL Pick ‘N Peel

Pick and Peel Stones are palm-sized lava rocks with all kinds of awesome nooks and crannies, in which our specially made stone filler can get into and hide. One side is filled for an intense picking experience and the other side is covered in the filler so it can be peeled away. $49.95

Available at Kaikfidgets.com

Sensory Genius Sensy Band

Soothing textured silicone is the secret behind the Sensory Genius Sensy Band‘s ability to calm and focus the mind. The bright orange band is easy to slap on and take off and adjusts to any wrist size. When not worn, Sensy Band is fun and satisfying to bend and curl. $14.95

Available at sensorystreet.com.au

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Living on the Spectrum

Flying Orb Ball

Flying Orb Ball for Kids Adults, Hand Controlled Boomerang Ball, Soaring Flying Spinner Mini Drone, Hover Flying Ball Toy with LED Lights, Drone Ball with Endless Tricks. Keep the family entertained and build hand eye coordination. Great family fun. Why noot buy 2 and enjoy the fun. $39.95

Available at Amazon.com.au

Jumbo connect 4

This 4-to-score giant game set consists of 7 columns and 6 rows with open slots for taking turns dropping in 42 rings. It is simple to learn and play by all ages. The side ring holders help you organise the rings and store them when finished playing. Great family fun aiding is problem solving skills. $158.95

Available on Amazon.com.au

Regulation Play Mat

A basis for the perfect calming bed zone, or sensory calming space! Regulation Play Mat’s are a great way to create a calming space, or use in the bedroom for a safe, calm, regulation zone to help make sleep time easier. $269.95

Available at Williamready.com.au

Spend the day with Thomas Vic

Enjoy a family day out with Thomas! ALL-DAY TICKET INCLUSIONS departing from Queenscliff, Victoria, 10am-4pm. Unlimited Troublesome Truck Rides with Thomas. Meet and greet with Sir Topham Hatt and enjoy a 45 min train trip along Swan Bay.

Available via bellarinerailway.com.au

Instant snow

Nothing says family fun like creating a winter wonderland for Christmas. Create your own snow in just seconds with Instant Snow Powder. Whether you’re looking to create a winter wonderland, make a unique window display or entertain the kids. $4.95

Available at sensoryoasisforkids.com.au

Burleigh Wagon

Meet your ultimate family companion for hassle-free outings! With ample space for gear and your little ones to ride safely, the Burleigh wagon is a must-have for the beach, parks, shopping, festivals, and more. $499.00

Available at burleighwagon.com

Boom Goes The Dynamite

This fun card game helps you to stay sharp as you try to remember which cards are in the MATCHBOX . It teaches and reinforces simple math concepts as you ignite matches. Boom Goes The Dynamite provides hours of laughs and fun for you, and your family. $27.00

Available at Sensorycentral.com.au

My Buddy Gard

Give the give this gift of “Peace of mind” this Christmas with the wearable watch, My buddy gard. Make sure your kids have their Buddy with them for ‘just in case’.It’s like having your own personal body guard that helps keep your child safe 24 hours, 7 days a week. $398

Available at Mybuddygard.com.au

Respite and family charters

Why not treat your loved one with a Beachcomber charter. Beachcomber charters offers respite under NDIS. They also offer families charters for fun family day out. A chance to explore the waterways of Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Available at Beachcombercharters.com.au

Living on the Spectrum

Harm Minimiser

Ideally suited to those that like strong sensory input. The Kaiko Wrist Spikey Fidget is one of the most popular fidgets for those who need deep and focused pressure to assist with self-regulation. The Kaiko wrist spikey is discreet to wear. $19.95

Available at Kaikofidgets.com.au

Magnetic Hoodie

A sensory friendly hoodie. Get the ultimate comfort and ease with the magnetic hoodies. The super soft cotton fleece fabric with our signature flat seams and no tags guarantees that this will be the most comfortable hoodie you own. $109.00

Available at Jamthelabel.com

3D Pin Art Board Toy

Desktop Novelty Sculpture Pin Art Sensory Toy. A classic, but a great way to satisfy the sensory urge to stim. Great gift for all ages. This pin board toy is a perfect tool to inspire creativity and imagination. Perfect Kriskrindle gift or teacher present. $14.95

Available at Amazon.com.au

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Dream Organised Bag.

Crafted with functionality in mind so you can stay ahead of the game, whether it’s a pen, band-aid, tampon, lip gloss or that receipt your looking for, our organised front pocket holds it all. $97.00

Available at HNlabel.com.au


Jumpsuit Adult

Fitting for midnight ice cream and Netflix marathons, the jumpsuit for adults is the ultimate comfort wear! Featuring a soft, buttery feeling, this sensory-friendly adult onesie pajamas is a must-have for the fashionable comfort lover! $89.99

Available at Comfortonthespectrum.com.au

Wireless Speaker Eye Mask

These are a big YES from us! Enjoy listening to music as you sleep without the discomfort of earphones! The soft pressure also great for regulation and ‘tuning’ out. Catch some Zs in style with our Wireless Speaker Eye Mask! Enjoy your tunes. $39.95

Available at kaikofidgets.com.au

Living on the Spectrum

Different not Less – Chloe Hayden

An empowering lived-experience guide to celebrating and supporting neurodivergence from 24-year-old disability advocate Chloe Hayden.

Available at Amazon.com.au

The Australian Autism Handbook – O’Reilly/Smith

A fully updated edition of the widely praised and most trusted Australian guide on how to raise a child with autism, Offers SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE on early signs of autism.

Available on Amazon.com.au

From the hearts of mum an anthology

In this heart warming book, Julie Fisher shares 13 deeply personal stories from mums around the world of their lives with loved ones who live with Down syndrome.

Available at Juliefisher.com.au

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A Double shot of Happiness

Tim Sharp and his magnificent creation, Laser Beak Man, are now major names in the world of international art. But the journey to this point has been an extraordinary one. 

Available at Amazon.com.au

The Invisible Lives of Us

Kate Jones and Mandy Hose have experienced the highs and lows of parenting – and they wouldn’t change a thing. The pair met a decade ago and bonded.

Available at Amazon.com.au

Following Ezra

A heartwarming, intimate, and amusing memoir of a father’s experience raising his autistic son. When Tom Fields-Meyer’s son Ezra was three, a therapist suggested that he needed to grieve.

Available at Amazon.com.au

Spectrum Women

This book looks at what it feels like to be an autistic parent, offering valuable insights, knowledge and wisdom on parenting autistic and non-autistic children.

Available at Amazon.com.au

In a different Key

PULITZER PRIZE FINALIST. Sweeping in scope but with intimate personal stories, this is a deeply moving book about the history, science, and human drama of autism.

Available at Amazon,com.au


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Living on the Spectrum

The Brain Forest

Come explore The Brain Forest, which follows a mother and her son down the path of understanding the different ways brains can be. Brains that go fast, brains that go slow, brains that do what they’re told, brains that say NO!

Available at Amazon.com.au

I see things differently.

Psychotherapist and counsellor Pat Thomas puts her gentle, yet straightforward approach to work in this new addition to B.E.S. highly acclaimed A First Look At…Series. This book will help children understand what autism is.

Available at Amazon.com.au

When things get too loud

When the world gets too much Bo feels his Feel-O-Meter go from 1-10. Noises, smells, sounds, the world can be an overwhelming place. One day, Bo’s numbers climb too quickly and all he wants to do is hide. A story about sensory processing.

Available at Amazon.com.au

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My friend ADHD

Join Sophie, a girl bursting with sunshine and energy, on her journey with ADHD. Her ADHD is like a friend that brings along fun games like wiggles and sleeps but never actually goes home. A great book to share with your little ADHer.

Available at Amazon.com.au

My brother Charlie

Charlie has autism. His brain works in a special way. But as his big sister tells us, for everything that Charlie can’t do well, there are plenty more things that he’s good at.  From bestselling author and actress Holly Robinson Peete.

Available at Amazon.com.au

Different like me

Eight-year-old Quinn, a young boy with Autism tells young readers about the achievements and characteristics of his autism heroes, from Albert Einstein, Dian Fossey and Wassily Kandinsky among others. 

Available at Amazom.com.au

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