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Bill Shorten has joined TikTok, here is what he wants you to know.

Bill Shorten has joined Tiktok, here is what he wants you to know.

The Federal Member for Maribyrnong and the former Shadow National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Minister Bill Shorten is the new NDIS Minister. And less than 24 hours ago, he joined TikTok. Mr. Shorten has already gained a respectable following of over 5,000.

Following Labor’s victory at the recent Federal Election, Mr Shorten was announced as Labor’s first ever dedicated Minister for the NDIS. The Scheme he helped establish and has championed ever since.

Mr. Shorten shared his first video yesterday and has already nailed the TikTok Lingo.


Mr Shorten began the video by introducing himself. “I’m the the new Nation Disability Insurance scheme minister and hopefully I am popping up on your FYP”

Mr Shorten went on to to say he wants to share the good news story’s and interesting story’s that highlight people who are doing great an innovative work that highlight community, innovation and inclusion.

“I also want to share stories from al around the world, because I think we can all learn from each other about how to make the most accessible and equitable community together”

Mr. Shorten’s daughter, Clementine, also welcomed her dad to Tiktok. I am sure there has been some constructive advice on future videos.

We already see change.

Plagued with problems since its roll out in in 2013, Mr Shorten has already begun to reshape the scheme.

The head of the National Disability Insurance Agency resigned, just weeks after the election of the Albanese Labor government.

NDIS minister Bill Shorten said the board and Mr Hoffman had “agreed” he would step down.

“I thank Mr. Hoffman for his service and wish him well in his next endeavors,” Mr. Shorten said in a statement.

What next?

We now look forward to watching Mr. Shorten on TikTok as he actively listens to the community’s needs and makes the vital changes needed to ensure a fully accessible and equitable National disability insurance scheme.

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