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I took “Hey Lemonade” for a Test Run and Can Officially Say it is ADHD Approved by Me!

I have no patience for traditional mindfulness or mental health tools. They often fall into the “too hard” basket. The steps I have to take—finding the app, registering, then remembering to use it—become all too hard. It’s an ADHDer’s worst nightmare. But Hey Lemonade is officially ADHD-friendly in my books. In fact, it definitely passes the test for those of us with a PDA profile and executive functioning issues.

The affirmations just pop up at the most convenient times! Boom, I’m feeling low, and bam, an affirmation appears. This is genius and so helpful. It then motivates and reminds me to take time to go through a short 3-minute pep talks, making a huge difference to my mental well-being. Has it ever been this easy?

The Birth of Hey Lemonade

Hey Lemonade was created by Lucy Durack and Elise McCann, who spent 20 years in the entertainment industry across the US, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. In 2020, the pandemic brought their careers to a halt. Further adding to the stress of Lucy raising two small children and Elise caring for her mother undergoing cancer treatment. Traditional wellness platforms felt too abstract and time-consuming for their needs, leading them to develop an app that could provide quick, practical support through three-minute, evidence-based pep talks.

“We needed something that could calm stresses, shift perspectives, and help us pull it together to keep going with our day,” they explained. This inspiration led to the creation of Hey Lemonade, which aims to offer a best friend with a degree in science and psychology in your pocket, available at any time.”

Lucy and Elise
2 women smiling.

Embracing Specificity and Evidence

The future of mental health apps lies in specificity. The feedback from Hey Lemonade users highlights the power of the pep talks, which are not generalist but speak to very real, specific moments and situations that individuals experience, whether they need motivation or relief. As the app continues to evolve, this specificity remains its ‘special sauce.’

Hey Lemonade allows users to recommend pep talks that would be useful to them, creating a ‘live feed’ of issues and challenges for which people seek support. This direct insight helps the creators develop new, relevant pep talks to add to the app.

Evidence is another crucial component. While many commercial mobile apps designed to promote health and well-being are popular, few undergo rigorous testing to support their claimed benefits. Hey Lemonade CSIRO study scientifically proved that the app provides positive health benefits in real-world settings. This body of evidence distinguishes Hey Lemonade, enhancing its credibility and impact.

Chloe Hayden and the Celebrity Voices

One of the unique features of Hey Lemonade is its use of celebrity voices, including autistic actress and activist Chloe Hayden. Hayden, who is autistic and also an ADHDer, is featured throughout the app. She emphasises the importance of having an app that offers support and pep talks catering to a variety of situations and stories.

“Having an app full of support and pep talks and help that cater to such a variety of situations and stories is absolutely game-changing,” says Chloe Hayden

Hey Lemonade mobile phone app

Feedback from the Hey Lemonade High Program

Hey Lemonade’s effectiveness is further highlighted by the positive feedback from students participating in the ‘Hey Lemonade High’ NSW Schools Program. Students have expressed that the app helps them overcome obstacles, boosts their mood, calms them down, and improves their relationships with family. They appreciate the variety of pep talks available and find them encouraging and motivating. Overall, the app has had a significant positive impact on their mental well-being, providing advice, comfort, and reassurance.

NDIS Friendly and Future Vision

Hey Lemonade is NDIS friendly. Allowing those with NDIS funding to use their Core Funds, Community Participation, or Consumable funds to pay for a subscription. As the app continues to grow, it aims to support more areas of users’ lives, recognising that one size doesn’t fit all in mental health support. Elise and Lucy emphasise that Hey Lemonade is an important piece of an individual’s mental health toolkit, not the sole solution.

Not Just another wellness app

From my personal experience as a neurodivergent individual and unpaid carer, traditional mental health tools often feel cumbersome and ineffective. The steps involved in using them can be overwhelming. However, Hey Lemonade is different; its timely affirmations and easy-to-use interface make it genuinely ADHD-friendly. It’s like the app understands the neurodivergent brain and its challenges, offering support precisely when needed.

Traditional mental health tools frequently fall short for neurodivergent individuals and their carers. This further highlights the need for new, specific, and evidence-based solutions. Hey Lemonade stands out with its quick, practical support through celebrity-voiced pep talks, tailored to specific needs and backed by scientific research.

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