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The Autistics’ Guide to Adulthood: A Free, Self-Paced Online Resource for Autistic Adults

For the longest of times Autism has been a children’s diagnosis with very little thought to Autistic Adults. Afterall Autistic children become Autistic Adults as the diagnosis is lifelong. Because of this the only thing that changes is an individual’s needs and life goals, supports change and evolve. They can change from day to day or year to year.

Navigating Adulthood.

Navigating adulthood for anyone can be a complex process. It requires individuals to handle multiple aspects such as relationships, employment, finances, mental health, and wellbeing. However, according to feedback received by Autism SA from the Autistic community, there is a lack of relevant supports and services specifically developed for adults on the Autism spectrum. In response to this need, Autism SA launched a national initiative. In an exciting inititive, it develop a free, self-paced online resource – the Autistics’ Guide to Adulthood.

The development of the guide was guided by a rigorous process. Because it aimed to ensure its relevance and usefulness. Autism SA conducted a literature review, national survey, and keyword searches to identify the needs and wants of the Australian autistic community. Over 400 autistic adults participated in the survey. Specific topics were researched in-depth using resources and references, including research, websites, books, videos, and Autism SA’s Adult Social Program.

To ensure that the modules’ content was grounded in personal insight and experiences, Autism SA employed content writers, 75% of whom were autistic adults. Additionally, interviews were conducted with autistic specialists and advocates such as Yenn Perkins and Dr. Stephen Shore. Furthermore, a National Advisory Group of all autistic adults was established to provide support for module development and personal insight throughout the process.

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About the free Guide.

The Autistics’ Guide to Adulthood is a free, self-paced online resource that provides valuable information to autistic adults to help navigate various aspects of adulthood. Including, relationships, employment, finances, mental health, and wellbeing. The guide was developed based on the needs and wants expressed by the Australian autistic community, ensuring that its content is relevant and useful..

The Autistics’ Guide to Adulthood fills a critical gap in existing resources. It supports by providing a comprehensive, self-paced online resource specifically designed to support autistic adults. It offers practical information and strategies to help navigate different aspects of adulthood and improve quality of life. By providing personalised insight and experiences from the autistic community, the guide offers a unique perspective. Because of this it can help adults navigate the challenges and complexities of adulthood. Start one of the 10 self-paced modules including modules on communication, employment and Romantic relationships.

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