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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

All About Women – Actually Autistic Women 2023

Nearly 80% of autistic women are mis- or un-diagnosed – but every day we’re learning more about this disability. Join our panellists to hear what it’s actually like to be autistic.

We live in a society that is only just beginning to recognise neurodivergence in women and non-binary people. So how does it feel to be misdiagnosed for years? Does greater public awareness lead to acceptance and inclusion when it comes to socialising? What are some strategies to cope with ableist systems? And what stereotypes do we really need to put in the bin?

In a world where we often hear about autistic people, this panel of actually autistic high achievers tells us about their own lives, on their own terms. They’ll be sharing about navigating social scenes and professional settings, and what masking and mimicry mean. This will be an essential session exploring how everyone can be part of a world that is inclusive, accessible and full of support.

Presented as part of All About Women 2023
Live-broadcast from The Sydney Opera House

Actually Autistic

All About Women celebrates extraordinary thinkers, writers and artists, and poses vital questions about gender, equality and justice. In 2023, Bikini Kill, Chloé Hayden, Grace Tame, Flex Mami and many more led lively debates in a program co-curated by Jamila Rizvi, Dr Amy Thunig, Jane Caro, and the Sydney Opera House Talks and Ideas team, led by Chip Rolley.

Watch the full-length talk here.



This talk is recommended for ages 15+
Duration: approx 60 minutes.

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