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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

Welcome to Living on the Spectrum Living on the spectrum

Free national autism and spectrum directory. Latest news, products and services in one location. For kids, adults, carers , friends and businesses.


Latest Articles

National Autism Helpline - Support and advice are only a phone call away.

Sponsored by Amaze
Help is only a phone call away with Autism Connect, the national autism helpline. This time of year ... read more

Unravelling the Early Signs of Autism: Recognising Neurodiversity

Recognising the early signs of autism is essential for providing timely intervention and support. In... read more

NDIS Review Calls for Navigators, Ending Local Area Coordinators and Support Coordinators

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is set to be shaken up following the recommendations... read more

Drowning Risks for Autistic Individuals: Making a Splash to Prevent Tragedy

As carers and parents of autistic children, we're keenly aware of their unique challenges. Recent... read more

Love on the Spectrum - Redefining Valentine's Day Expectations

Imagine a Valentine's Day where the pressure to conform to conventional expectations is replaced by ... read more

Nurturing Love: Supporting Autistic Adults in Relationships

Supporting Autistic adults in navigating love, dating, and relationships can pose significant challenges.... read more

The Role of AI in Diagnosing Autism - Revolutionising Autism Assessments

For parents and caregivers navigating the labyrinth of autism diagnoses, the prospect of long waitlists... read more

We examined the research evidence on 111 autism early intervention approaches. Here’s what we found

navigating the maze of interventions can be tiring &vcostly. David Trembath, Griffith University;... read more

Navigating After-School Challenges: Understanding Autistic Meltdowns and Fostering Communication

After a long day at school, many children look forward to the comfort of home, where they can unwind... read more

The Back-to-School Tool Kit for your Autistic Child.

Welcome to our Back-to-School Toolkit, a comprehensive resource designed to ease the transition into... read more

Unlock Potential: Download Your Free 'About Me' Template for Autistic Students

Welcome to our About Me Student Profile Template for autistic and neurodivergent students—a valuable... read more

When is the right time to buy my disabled child a mobile phone?

Sponsored by My Buddy Gard
When is the right age for a mobile phone? Determining the right age for a child to have a mobile phone... read more

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