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We have changed our name! Kids on the Spectrum is now called Living on the Spectrum

Welcome to Living on the Spectrum Living on the spectrum

Free national autism and spectrum directory. Latest news, products and services in one location. For kids, adults, carers , friends and businesses.


Latest Articles

Our top tips for autistic school leavers - What next?

Sponsored by JAM the label
Transition can be a stressful thing. For many autistic students, October will be the end of high school.... read more


Sponsored by Assist Plan Mangers
Leaving school marks a significant transition period in life, regardless of whether or not one lives... read more

Get your Free IEP student Snapshot.

Use this tool to share important information about your child. .... read more

Being neurodiverse is not a barrier to success, but traditional job interviews might be

IN THE NEWS. Emma did not reveal she is neurodivergent ABC Radio Brisbane / By Antonia... read more

What will happen to my disabled child if I die?

What will happen to my Autistic or disabled child if I die is a question that every parent of a disabled... read more

School Can't, a national crisis we can no longer ignore.

School Can't (School refusal) is when a child is so overwhelmed and stressed by school that they find... read more

What exactly is ‘neurodiversity?’ Using accurate language about disability matters in schools

The term ‘neurodiversity’ was coined by Australian sociologist Judy Singer, originally to describe the... read more

Quiet Appointments for back-to-school shoe shopping. Read our honest review.

I am a parent of 2 Autistic kids, ages 8 and 5. So, when I heard about the Athletes Food Quiet... read more

First ever All Abilities Day at the Australian Open - AO2023

Australian Open 2023 will host the first-ever All Abilities Day on Tuesday, the 24th of January. To ... read more

Tips for returning back to school and how to support your anxious or disabled child.

Who doesn’t love being on holidays? Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and that means... read more

Unregistered NDIS providers are in the firing line – but lots of participants have good reasons for using them

Shutterstock Helen Dickinson, UNSW Sydney; Raelene West, UNSW Sydney, and Sophie Yates, UNSW Sydney ... read more

Binge-worthy shows to watch this Summer featuring Autistic Adults.

We have you covered this Summer with Four Binge-worthy shows about Autism that feature autistic adults.... read more

The 'autism advantage' at work and how it's giving firms a competitive edge

The ‘autism advantage’ at work and how it’s giving firms a competitive edge
IN THE NEWS. By Craig Allen "There are still those biases that play into it," Mr Douglas said. Gordon... read more

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